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The Best Calcium For Osteoporosis: What Price Should You Pay?

The best calcium for osteoporosis prevention doesn't have to be expensive. But it must include enough vitamin D, K2 and magnesium to prevent calcium from migrating to our heart.

The best calcium for osteoporosis will include all of the following ingredients within two tablets:

  • 1,200-1,500 mg Calcium
  • 800-2,000 IU of Vitamin D
  • 420 mg. of Magnesium, and
  • 120 mcg. Vitamin K

The above calcium and vitamin D targets are recommended by national osteoporosis societies for women over the age of fifty.

The vitamin K and magnesium targets are the upper levels recommended within the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) followed in the United States and Canada.

The best calcium for osteoporosis doesn't have to be expensive. The table of product comparisons below show that there is no relationship between product quality and price of bone building supplements.

Puritan's Pride Bone Care Jamieson Calcium Magnesium Caltrate 600 with D Caltrate Plus Caltrate Select with D
(US Dollars)
Calcium 500 mg Available Available Available Available Available
Vitamin D3 400 IU Available Not available Not available Available Available
Magnesium 150 mg Available Available Not available Not available Not available
Vitamin K 50 mcg Available Not available Not available Not available Not available

The recommended Jamieson Calcium Magnesium provides 333 mg of chelated calcium rather than 500 mg of calcium as specified in minimum ingredients. Additional information on chelated supplements and calcium absorption may be found at Calcium Types.

For countries such as Canada that do not yet allow the import of Puritan's Pride Bone Care, the best calcium for osteoporosis treatment (at an attractive price) is a Calcium/Magnesium product with a second tablet that will provide a minimum of 800 IUs of vitamin D although in northern regions many experts now recommend that we take 5,000 IU of vitamin D throughout the Fall and winter months.

National customs currently prevent Puritan's Pride from shipping Bone Care to Canada, the UK, France and Germany. If there has been a change in this practice, please contact us or share your news on the Vitamins Forum.

Strontium Citrate should also be considered as a part of your bone-building program. Research has found that strontium can improve bone quantity and quality by as much as 15% within three years if combined with recommended levels of the best calcium for osteoporosis and sufficient vitamin D.

International Smart-Choice Program

A year's supply of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K and strontium will cost approximately $200 when purchased online.

1. Puritan's Pride Bone Care

Ingredients are:

  • Calcium: 1,200 mg (calcium carbonate)
  • Vitamin D3: 800 IU
  • Magnesium: 300 mg
  • Vitamin K1: 100 mcg

The annual cost is $25-$30 for 720 tablets. Taking two tablets a day works out to just pennies a day.

2. Strontium Bone Builder ($100-$120) (2 tablets daily)

Ingredients are:

  • 680 mg strontium citrate in two tablets

The annual cost is $100-$120 based on taking two tablets daily.

About Puritan's Pride

Puritan's Pride has manufactured the finest quality vitamins for over 40 years. Located in Long Island, New York, it provides unusually competitive prices by shipping directly to over six million customers worldwide. A year's supply of Puritan's Pride Bone Care Strontium Bone will cost approximately $160 a year.

Quality Supplements

As part of its commitment to quality, Puritan's Pride uses its global resources to identify and acquire the most bio-active nutritional ingredients. Its scientists and researchers have worked closely with state and federal agencies, including the FDA and the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), to establish many of the test procedures that ensure the potency, stability and purity of its products.

Puritan's Pride also manufactures products under very stringent GMPs (Good Manufacturing Standards) – a distinction that few vitamin companies can claim. In the last five years alone it has invested over $130 million in the manufacturing and quality control infrastructure of its facilities. The company's commitment to quality is evident in:

  • where it manufactures its products
  • the way it manufactures, and
  • the ingredients it uses.

In many ways, Puritan's Pride has set the standard for high quality vitamin manufacturing.

Worldwide Shipping

To provide a fast and convenient way to shop at home, Puritan's Pride operates one of the most sophisticated and efficient automated fulfillment systems in the business. Each day, it ships 100,000 products to over 15,000 households.

United States

Puritan's Pride will ship orders by UPS (other than to Alaska and Hawaii) for $4.95. UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box. Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery, depending on destination.

If customers prefer, they can have orders shipped USPS** (Post Office) for only $4.95. Please allow 2-8 business days for delivery, depending on destination.

For faster delivery, orders may be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air, or Next Day Air for an additional charge. Orders placed after 3:00 pm do not process until next business day. All orders received over the weekend (Friday - Sunday) will not be processed until Monday a.m., and will then be shipped within 24 hrs.

International Shipments, Including Mexico And Canada

The Puritan's Pride free shipping offer does not apply to international orders. International shipments will be charged postage costs calculated by weight and destination, plus a handling charge of $4.95. U.S. Prices also do not include customs fees, import duties, taxes and tariffs- which vary from country to country. Customers should contact their local customs office or tax authority for information specific to their country.

Shipping Method

International orders are shipped via Air Mail which can take approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery. All orders received over the weekend (Friday - Sunday) will not be processed until Monday a.m. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery, except in some areas such as Porto Rica, where it may take longer.

France and Germany

Customers from France and Germany may order Puritan's Pride products from Holland and Barrett in the UK. (Customs does not allow Puritan's Pride products to be shipped to France or Germany.)

Product Returns

Puritan's Pride is proud of the quality of its products. If customers are not completely satisfied, they may the return the unused portion (within one year of date of purchase) with a short explanation to receive a refund.


Puritan's Pride uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt all information sent with an order. The information is encrypted on your computer, sent through the Internet as jumbled code, and decoded on the company's secure server. It cannot be read in transit. Customer information will also not be rented, sold or given to any other company, agency or individual.

It is noteworthy that Puritan's Pride Bone Care is 3-8 times less expensive than the much advertised Caltrate while meeting the highest quality standards in the supplement industry.



Strontium must be taken on an empty stomach preferably before going to bed. And 1,500 mg. of calcium and 800 IUs of vitamin D are essential for strontium to be effective.

It is best to introduce supplements gradually to avoid upsetting the stomach and digestive process. Research has shown that side effects disappear within a few weeks for most people.

People with severe renal impairment and other serious health conditions should consult with their doctor before using strontium.

Vitamin K

If you are taking blood thinning medication or an anticoagulant (such as Warfarin, Coumadin or Heparin) be sure to consult your doctor before increasing vitamin K in your diet or supplements.

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