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Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis: What Our Bones Are Trying To Tell Us

People within ancient cultures would often divine the future by reading the bones of animals that they killed in a hunt. We might want to read our own bones to see what story they tell... and whether they can guide us to a natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Most people agree that calcium and magnesium supplements, a healthy diet,and weight bearing exercises are essential in the natural treatment for osteoporosis.

We would also recommend high dose vitamin D and strontium citrate for a complete program for the natural treatment of osteoporosis.

But perhaps our bodies are more than vitamins, minerals and muscles.

Passion is like the cosmic fuel for the planet and for human life. Passion gives meaning and purpose to life and existence. It is the reason for existence. To not feed one's passions is to not want to live. Passion is what we are here for.

If our skeleton is our foundation... are we nourishing and strengthening that foundation with relationships and activities that fill us with joy? Are we leading the meaningful and purposeful life that we intended? Or have we slipped into patterns that are slowly eroding our very foundation.

Even worse...are we repeating patterns that have existed in our family for generations. It is not uncommon to repeat the stories of the women and men in our lineage rather than creating our own unique song. Breaking those patterns might be indispensable when seeking a natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Here are a few places that we can begin our investigation.

Emotional Patterns

  • How connected do we feel to the people in our life?
  • How "known" are we by our family and friends?
  • How many of our relationships are co-empowering and leave us energized?
  • How many of your relationships (family, friends, work) are co-dependent... where we feel like a victim, tormentor or rescuer?
  • How much time do we spend alone doing the things we love?

Addressing unhealthy emotional patterns is an essential element in the natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Mental Patterns

  • Do we invite experiences that help us grow?
  • Where are we testing ourselves with a new skill or subject?
  • Do we engage with those arenas that test and challenge us the most?
  • Do we relate to others primarily through our mind and our knowledge or do we also connect with our heart?

Physical Patterns

  • How much time do we give to those activities that are indispensable in our life- totally energize us and give us pleasure?
  • How often do we engage in activities because we think we should rather than because they bring us joy?
  • How do we treat our physical body?
  • How do we create beauty in our surroundings?
  • How do we manage our finances? Are we relaxed about money or are we anxious and preoccupied or perhaps unconscious and irresponsible about money?

Spiritual Patterns

  • What is our soul here to experience?
  • What fuels our passion and desire for life?
  • What are our natural gifts and how do we express them?
  • How do we use stress to create an Edge and kick into the next level of change?
  • What do we want to leave behind when we die?

Sexual Patterns

  • Do we gain energy and joy from our sexual experiences?
  • Is our sex life spontaneous and joyful or is it filled with rules and boundaries?
  • Does our sex life increase or decrease our intimacy with others?
  • Do we feel renewed or depleted by our sexual activity?
  • Do we allow ourselves to be energized by the orgasticness of the outdoors, of nature and of life?

For some time now, we have been eroding our very foundations... including our relationship to the Earth and to Spirit. But we can also choose to change that at any time.

As Dr. Seuss would say:

"You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you will be the guy who'll decide where you'll go. Oh the places you'll go"