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Osteoporosis Vitamins In Canada

Osteoporosis vitamins in Canada can be expensive when purchased in retail stores and also hard to find.

This is important because osteoporosis costs the Canadian health care system almost $2 billion annually.

Fortunately, alternatives are available for those who are prepared to look beyond their local grocery store.

Why Pay So Much?!

Calcium? Not Enough To Get The Job Done

Most Canadians can buy inexpensive calcium/magnesium tablets in their local grocery store. The most popular formulas are chelated which provides better absorption than calcium citrate but must be taken with meals. Few formulas contain sufficient vitamin D to transfer the calcium into our bones and keep it away from our arteries.

Vitamin D. You Are Probably Deficient

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption but research shows that two-thirds of Canadians lack enough of the vitamin to maintain optimal health. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are simply not strong enough to produce the sunshine vitamin during our Canadian winters.

So how much vitamin D do we need? Osteoporosis Canada recently increased its recommendation for people over fifty to 800-2,000 IU daily... although many experts argue that this is still inadequate. The Vitamin D Council suggests that 5,000 IU may be required during our winter months in order to maintain blood levels in the middle of the recommended 75-200nmol/L range.

As Canada allows vitamin D to be sold only in 1,000 IU increments, purchasing higher potency gel tabs online is an attractive alternative.

Vitamin K2

In Japan, vitamin K2 has been an approved medication for osteoporosis since 1995. A meta-analysis of seven Japanese studies found that vitamin K2 supplements lowered the risk of vertebral fractures by 60%, hip fractures by 77%, and nonvertebral fractures by 81%. Even Doctor Oz is encouraging the use of vitamin K2 for supporting healthy bone development.

While it is possible to purchase vitamin K2 in some Canadian health food stores, the vitamin is relatively hard to find and expensive compared to online purchases.

Strontium Citrate

Strontium is the only element that has been found to work as a “dual-acting bone agent”. Not only does it reduce the rate of bone turnover but it also helps to build new bone of high quality.

Research conducted for pharmaceutical companies has revealed improvements in bone density of 8-14% over a three year period. While the studies were conducted on a patented version of strontium, there is no evidence that prescription strontium outperforms strontium-citrate. Once again, online purchases are significantly less expensive than strontium found in Canadian health food stores.

The cost difference between online and store purchases of osteoporosis vitamins in Canada is significant. Canadians pay about a 50% premium for vitamin K2 and strontium citrate if they don't shop online. Higher doses of vitamin D are simply not available.

A year’s supply of osteoporosis vitamins in Canada will always be worth the investment. But since we will likely be purchasing these supplements for decades... why not pay less and have them delivered to our door.